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Hidden Leipzig
You can see the whole trailer in the park and some customers ordering. It's a summery day. Café-gastronomy-park-leisure


What do you need for the perfect summer picnic by the water in Leipzig? A cold drink, a picnic blanket and some fresh treats of course. If you don't want to pack your own picnic basket, the green circus caravan at Richard-Wagner-Hain is the place to go. During the summer, the aforementioned caravan is home to Café ZierlichManierlich, which supplies the sun worshippers with sandwiches, cakes, soda and mate. The author Rebecca Maria Salentin runs the smallest café in town on good weather days from April to October and with her circus caravan had a cult status for a long time now. On a picnic blanket overlooking the White Elster and with a treat from ZierlichManierlich in Hand, you can truly enjoy the summer in Leipzig without a worry in the world.


location Am Elsterwehr
04109 Leipzig
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Klingerweg ⋅ TRAM 1, 2

The green circus wagon on Richard-Wagner-Hain

You can see an old construction trailer, which has been renovated and redesigned. The new coffee cart is painted green and pink. Outside there are several black signs with the different options. Café-gastronomy-park-leisure
You can see a cup of coffee into which milk is being poured from a jug.
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You can see a plate with a sandwich and two glasses with straws. Café-gastronomy-park-leisure
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