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Leipzig for Families

Leipzig with the kids and caboodle

Leipzig is so multifaceted, that it offers not only sightseeing, but also plenty of leisure activities for kids

But which are suitable for a family outing? Which attractions are exciting, entertaining and educational at the same time? Which museums, guided walks or tours are also suitable for the next generation? Where are there adventures to be had? Or where can you get up-close and personal with amazing wildlife?

Every parent probably asks themselves hundreds of questions before planning a city break. If you're among them, we have good news - we've put together the answers here for you.

In addition to the top 10 highlights for the whole family, Leipzig offers a wonderful program of events that is as colourful as your child's imagination. Adventure and fun for the whole family also awaits in the wider Leipzig Region.

Good to know: With the LEIPZIG CARD you save on admission fees and also travel free on the city's bus and tramway network.

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In addition, we recommend a city tour that is specifically geared to children's needs. Click here for adventure tours and inspire your kids with an old-fashioned bus tour, scavenger hunt or "True-or-False" tour.

Tip: A special family highlight is the Leipzig Christmas Market – where children's eyes shine as bright as the candles and lights of the Advent season!

Top 10 for families with kids

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