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View of the bar, Café Puschkin on the "Karli", which in summer lures passers-by in with its open-air seating, nightlife area in Leipzig, nightlife, gastronomy
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Leipzig for nightlife enthusiasts

Hidden Leipzig

For those who want to discover more of Leipzig than its most well-known sights alone can, besides theTop 10 Highlights for nightlife enthusiasts , also find an array of insider tips here. We will show you the hidden sides of Leipzig. Places, which do not feature in most travel guides. Places, which some of the city's own inhabitants have yet to discover. Places that you will only tell your best friend about so that they remain hidden.

Though less undiscovered, western Leipzig is the ideal place to dive into the city's young art and subculture scene. In the opposite direction too, hidden treasures await. 

To make your journey of exploration as easy as possible, click here to be taken directly to Leipzig's hidden corners:

You will see that: going off the beaten track pays off in Leipzig. Leipzig surprises you. Leipzig touches you. Leipzig grabs hold of your heart. Since we don't know just how long "secret Leipzig" will remain a secret for, we would recommend you book your trip now!    

The hidden corners of the city

The "Maerzgalerie" in the Spinnerei in Leipzig, where art is exhibited, cultural venue, industrial heritage, art
Modern art spaces in the west of Leipzig © Tom Schulze
Interior of Leipzig's "Kunstkraftwerk", cultural venue, museum, Leipzig's art spaces, exhibition, gallery
© dotgain
The famous Löffelfamilie (spoon family) of Feinkost shines on the "Karli" and is a station on the eat the world tour, nightlife area, nightlife, cultural venue, gastronomy
© Peter Hirth
Entrance to the sociocultural centre, naTo, in the nightlife area on the "Karli" during the twilight hours; a venue where many events in Leipzig are held, stage, nightlife enthusiasts, nightlife
©naTo, where bar, cinema and stage unite
View of the nightlife area, Karl-Heine-Straße in Plagwitz, home to many restaurants and bars, gastronomy in Leipzig
© T. Williger
The metal Moritzbastei logo on a brick wall with ivy on it, opposite the "Mensa am Park" (cafeteria for students) of the University of Leipzig, gastronomy in Leipzig, cultural venue, theatre, nightlife enthusiasts, nightlife

Experience your very own Leipzig adventure!

Top 10 for nightlife enthusiasts