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Flamingos in front of a meadow in Leipzig Zoo, animal park, recreational venue, sights, Gondwanaland, experience, families
Flamingos in front of a meadow in Leipzig Zoo, animal park, recreational venue, sights, Gondwanaland, experience, families
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Leipzig with Kids

Top 10 for families with kids

Tours and city rallies

If you want to explore the city by going on exciting tours, you shouldn't miss the following offers:

  • Leipzig Details ("True or false" tours, horror tours, inspector games, detective tours and much more)
  • Treffpunkt Leipzig (Children's tours & birthday tours, riddle tours, tours with the night watch)
  • Leipziger Stadtdetektive (Flashlight rallies, scavenger hunts, History rallies and much more)

Zoos and wildlife parks

Take your little explorers and see wildlife up close. Zoo Leipzig is considered one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe and will captivate you. Explore the largest ape enclosure, Pongoland, with over 30,000 square metres or climb the treetops in the tropical warmth of Gondwanaland next to sloths and squirrel monkeys. 

Maybe you want to see native species in their natural habitat? Then make your way to the south of Leipzig. In the Wildpark Leipzig deer are waiting to be fed and wild boars are enjoying their mud baths. And up in the treetops of Leipzig's alluvial forest, you can spot sleeping raccoons.

There are also great zoos in the Leipzig region. Now, the biggest question is: where do you and your little researchers get started?

Amusement parks and adventure playgrounds

If you're looking for slides, swings and seesaws in Leipzig, you don't have to look far. You can find countless playgrounds throughout the city. If you are even looking for some more action, you should make your way to the largest amusement park in Central Germany, the BELANTIS the Adventure Kingdom where roller coasters, swing boat and the highest pyramid in Europe await the adventurous. Or do you want it to be really athletic? Just grab your slippy socks and visit the Jump House Leipzig. There are no limits to acrobatics here. 

In Leipzig there is no reason to mope because of bad weather: indoor playgrounds in Leipzig and the regionhave something for every age. 

Castles in Leipzig

Eine Oma und ihr Enkel verkleiden sich mit Rüstungen aus dem Museum.
Im Museum gibt es für die ganze Familie viel zu entdecken. © Christian Hüller

Your children have probably dreamed of being a real princess or gallant knight at least once in their lives. In the Leipzig region this dream can come true. Take your family on an adventure back in time and discover the magnificent Saxon castle landscape. You will be inspired by theme days, adventure tours and interactive history - all of which is just a stone's throw away from Leipzig.

Swimming and bathing

When summer calls, the Leipzig locals are drawn to the lakes. The New Lake District is one of the largest contiguous lake areas in Europe. Not only to the lakes boast great water quality, but there are also countless activities for in and around the water. Stand-up paddling, wakeboarding, scuba diving and swimming are part of Leipzig's culture. Grab your swimsuit and explore Leipzig's beautiful water side.

Even in bad weather or during the colder months of the year, little water lovers never have to stay dry. Family-friendly swimming and recreational pools in Leipzig and the region look forward to welcoming visitors of all ages. 

Family friendly hotels

Children's museums and tours

Ein Kind besucht mit seinen Großeltern ein Museum.
Gemeinsam kann man im Museum viel entdecken. © Christian Hüller

Be amazed, discover, take part! 

For explorers, brooders and inventors there is a whole lot to discover in Leipzig. Grab your kids and introduce them to the world of science! If your little astronauts want to marvel at infinite galaxies or your animal lovers want to see the smallest reptiles, Leipzig is the perfect city for them to explore and experience. Besides just looking at things, some museums also give their children the chance to try out their own ideas, let their creativity and imagination run wild in themed museums and listen to exciting guided tours. 

For explorers

Never still and always shrill

Do you travel with a little bundle of energy that is also spunky? Then you should definitely do something active and release some excess energy together, especially after a long trip. You can climb the tree tops in several climbing parks and enjoy a new perspective and panoramic views! If you prefer a humid and wild atmosphere, you can let off steam in the whitewater action world. 

Great theatrics for little guests!

During your holidays do you feel like your children's one and only entertainer and are you ready to take a break from this job for an afternoon or evening? Well, then the theatre is calling. The children' s programme is captivating and will enchant the little guests so you can sit back and relax.  

There are puppet theatres, theatre performances by and for children and young people, interdisciplinary programmes (for you too!), as a well as thoughtful introductions to the cinema world tailored to all the little ones out there! 


Pleasant outings for the whole family

Eine Familie picknickt vor einer Mühle an einem sommerlichen Tag in der Region Leipzig.
Ein Picknick mit der Familie in der Region Leipzig. © Christian Hüller

Does a quiet holiday with your family in an idyllic setting sound more like your dream vacation than a jam-packed city trip?

Leipzig is an incredibly green city with lots of parks for picnicking, playing and frolicking. While your little tots are enjoying the fresh air, you can enjoy the city's lush greenery, soak up the sun and simply unwind outside! By the end of the day, after going to the park, exploring vantage points and discovering the region's attractions, your little ones will be more than ready to head off to dreamland; leaving you a few more relaxing hours. 

Treats for the whole family

A family watching giraffes in the sun at Leipzig Zoo's outdoor enclosure © Philipp Kirschner
A mother carries her daughter on her back on a summer day on the Brühl boulevard, cheerful mood ©Philipp Kirschner
Mother and three children strolling across Leipzig's Augustusplatz on a sunny day ©Philipp Kirschner
Family crossing the hanging bridge in Godwanaland at the zoo, a girl is peers down