Open-air seating in the "Drallewatsch" pub district in the evening; a district whose main hub is on Barfußgässchen, a street in the city centre by market square, which, with its many bars and restaurants, is one of Leipzig's nightlife hotspots, recreational venue, gastronomy, nightlife area
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Nightlife in Leipzig

View of the open-air seating on Barfußgässchen near Marktplatz (market square), which is part of the nightlife area of Drallewatsch and which houses many bars and restaurants, nightlife, gastronomy in Leipzig
Barfußgässchen (main street of the Drallewatsch pub district) in the city centre © Andreas Schmidt

Leipzig's nights are long

A night owl in Leipzig will always find an opportunity to turn night into day.

Whether it's a pub crawl or just leaning against the bar, dancing to hip-hop, electro-pop or disco music - here you will find a selection to suit your taste .

Small "disadvantage": The large amount of trendy bars, quaint pubs, iconic clubs and nightclubs will not make your decision easy.

Tip: If you want to experience a lot in a short time, you should start in one of the two centres for Leipzig's nightlife - the Gottschedstraße in city centre, or the Karl-Liebknecht-Straße.

Nacht watchman in a typical robe blowing into a horn during a special city tour administered by the experience company Treffpunkt Leipzig, leisure, sights
© Treffpunkt Leipzig (Meeting Point Leipzig)

Our tips for night owls