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Observation tower on the "Bistumshöhe" (Diocese Peak)

The Leipzig New Lake District from above

Interior view of the observation tower, day trips
Bistumshöhe observation tower

If you want to experience something particularly striking in the renaturalised Lake Cospuden area, look no further than the easily accessible elevation point – the "Bistumshöhe". An observation tower was built in the south-western part of the lake, characterised by its openwork wooden structure. Even in the past, there was an observation point with a table and bench here. From here, a wonderful view of Zwenkau's opencast mine can be attained. The origins of the term "Bistumshöhe" (diocese peak) can, in fact, be traced back to far-gone times. The area is said to have belonged to the Merseburg diocese.

The observation tower itself does not have a name. It was built within a short construction period and in the so-called chimney style. It is reminiscent of bygone chimneys which characterised the area to the south of Leipzig for centuries, and which have now all but disappeared.

Exceptionally robust and low-maintenance, enjoy a fascinating view from all sides of the observation tower. From above, you can also see the surrounding dump area next to Lake Cospuden resulting from the opencast mining activities in Zwenkau and Espenhain, the reforested "Neue Harth", as well as the Belantis amusement park. To the north, provided the weather is good, you are also treated to an amazing view of Leipzig's landmarks.

  • Height: 35 metres
  • Base: 12 metres
  • Material: slow-growing Siberian Larch, 48-framed steel spiral staircase construction, openwork wood construction
  • Surface area: 110 m²
  • Load: 500 kg per ground segment
  • Building plot: LMBV, opencast mining area, Zwenkau
  • Cost: 1.2 million DM (German marks)
  • Building period: 18 April 2000 to 2 August 2000
  • Owner: City of Leipzig, Parks and Recreation Office
  • Planning: W. Sobek GmbH
  • Execution: Heinrich Rolfing GmbH, Stemwede


location Observation tower on the "Bistumshöhe" (Diocese Peak)
04442 Zwenkau
web visit homepage


Restaurant , Dogs allowed
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