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City Hochhaus and observation platform

Panorama Tower

View of the City-Hochhaus on Augustusplatz, which is also known as the Panorama tower and is a great vantage point for a view over the city. The left part of the picture shows the Mendebrunnen and the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, sights, cultural institutions

City Hochhaus, Uniriese, Panorama Tower: In Leipzig's vernacular, the city's highest landmark has a multitude of different names. However, at a height of 142.5 metres, one thing is certain: It is the second highest skyscraper in the new federal states! Not only the employees of the companies located in the building can enjoy a breathtaking view of Leipzig – all residents and visitors to the city also have the chance to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Leipzig. The roof of the highrise building offers a huge viewing platform, which can be visited for a small contribution towards expenses. Trust us: Nowhere else can you get such a breathtaking view of the city!


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