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Felsenkeller Christmas Market

The new Christmas Market in Leipzig-Plagwitz

Visitors and booths and decorated, illuminated trees at the Christmas Market © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner

In 2018, a new Christmas market opened in the west of Leipzig. On the grounds of the renowned Felsenkeller, the Felsenkeller Christmas Market creates a place of thoughtfulness where art and crafts, fantasy and steampunk articles are available for purchase. Numerous stalls invite you to browse and feast, offering mulled wine, delicious Christmas snacks and more. 


location Felsenkeller Christmas Market
Karl-Heine-Straße 32
04229 Leipzig
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View of the illuminated booths at the Felsenkeller Christmas Market with visitors large and small © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner
The colourful booths of the Christmas market © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner
Alternative Christmas Market in Plagwitz © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner
Felsenkeller Christmas Market from above © Philipp Kirschner
© Philipp Kirschner

opening hours

29 November 2018 - 23 December 2018

Daily 2.00 pm to 9.30 pm

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