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GfZK, Museum of Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art after 1945

View of the GfzK Galerie für zeitgenössische Kunst building, which also has a shop for designer pieces, cultural institutions in Leipzig, exhibition
© T. Williger

The Foundation Gallery for Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK for short) is an exhibition house for contemporary art, which mainly references the period after 1945.

Since its opening in 1998, the Contemporary Art Gallery has developed into one of the leading institutions of contemporary art in the new German states and throughout Europe. The gallery offers you several options:

  • Visiting important exhibitions, sometimes also on controversial questions of contemporary art
  • Discussions with artists and curators in the café or garden
  • Readings of publications on contemporary art at the library 
  • Participate in one of the innovative educational programmes of the "GfZK FÜR DICH" -

The café, garden and shop are conceived and designed by artists – like the new Hotel Paris Syndrom or Café bau bau.

The Contemporary Art Gallery also offers many programmes for kindergartens and school classes, as well as special holiday programmes.


location GfZK, Museum of Contemporary Art
Karl-Tauchnitz-Straße 9-11
04107 Leipzig
phone +49 341 140810
fax +49 (0)341 1408111
web visit homepage
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  • Elevator
  • Fully accessible entrance for wheelchair users info
  • Special and personalised assistance services available for people with disabilities
  • Marked disabled parking available
  • Partially accessible rest-room for wheelchair users info
Elevator available


The museum is accessible for wheelchair users.

There is a lift in the gallery.


LEIPZIG CARD/ LEIPZIG REGIO CARD: Reduced admission price

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