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Pubs and clubs in the theatre district

View along Gottschedstraße, a nightlife area in Leipzig, which has become home to many bars and restaurants, nightlife, gastronomy in Leipzig, open-air seating
© Philipp Kirschner

The pub district around the Gottschedstraße, which was named after writer Johann Christoph Gottsched and is also called the "theatre district", was created by chance. After pub-laundry "Maga Pon" opened in the early nineties, the surrounding houses not far from St. Thomas Church, most of which needed major reconstruction, became home to many hip cafés and restaurants.

Today, there are also two discos on the street. These venues quickly became a regular meeting spot for a hip audience, partially due to their proximity to the Schauspiel Theatre Leipzig. The outdoor seating encourages visitors to spend summery afternoons and evenings in good company.


location Gottschedstraße
Gottschedstraße 1
04109 Leipzig