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Kaffeehaus Riquet

Tradition and art in the Riquet-House

View of the decorated façade of the famous Café Riquet, which is a listed building and one of the hotspots of coffee house culture in Leipzig, gastronomy, sightseeing
Café Riquet © Andreas Schmidt

The former office building was built in 1908 and 1909 for Riquet & Co. and was in its day one of the most modern and original new buildings in Leipzig. The two copper-plated elephant heads that flank the entrance door to the coffee house are Riquet's trademark. The historically listed interior of the corner shop can be admired again in its full beauty thanks to restoration.

Unfortunately, none of the more than thirty former cafés in Leipzig still exist. Which is why Riquet has been trying to revive the Leipzig café tradition since 1996. You will find real specialities such as the Leipziger Lerche (pastry delicacy), the Kaffee Riquet, the Elefantenkaffee and the Pharisäer (sweetened coffee with brown rum topped with cream).


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