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Kellerberg Waldheim

Underground labyrinth

Cellar vault illuminated by torches
Kellerberg Waldheim © P. Blumberg

During a basement tour, you can dive into Waldheim's underground. The cellars have evolved from the degradation of serpentinite, which was used as building material and for utility and art objects such as desk sets, bowls, etc. The result was a labyrinth of tunnels with a total length of over 800 m. These cavities were used for the storage of food due to the temperature behaviour of the rock (in the summer - cooling, in winter - heat storage). But they also served as protection against danger. Interested parties can visit a 200 m long mountain cellar, which is protected by wood and sprayed concrete. Interested parties should please contact the Cultural Centre of the city of Waldheim. 


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KulturZentrum 42, 04736 Waldheim
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