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Museum in the Machern Stasi Bunker

Exhibition room in the museum in Machern's Stasi Bunker with original fittings, history of Leipzig, cultural institution, peaceful revolution
© Bürgerkomitee Leipzig

The bunker in Machern is the only almost completely preserved district Stasi secondary command station, and is located about 30 kilometres away from Leipzig, on the edge of the recreational Lübschütz ponds area. The museum documents military activity by the Ministry of State Security and its tasks in the so-called "Spannungs- und Mobilmachungsfall".

In 1968, the office of the Leipzig Stasi chief Manfred Hummitzsch was moved together with staff from the district administration in the "round corner" to Machern, so as to maintain the control of the SED regime. The system, which is still in its original state, explains its history, structure and working methods in the course of its exhibition.

- Visitor bathroom available
- Car park around 10 minutes away by foot


location Museum im STASI-Bunker Machern
Naherholungsgebiet Lübschützer Teiche, Flurstück 439
04827 Machern
phone +49 (0)341 9612443
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Parking area , Bathroom


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