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Wackelturm in Rosental

A breathtaking view over Leipzig

A green skyline and a blue sky can be seen and in the foreground is a viewing platform from the Wackelturm in the Rosental, Hidden Leipzig, Green Leipzig, Nature, Landmark, Viewpoint
© Tom Schulze

The viewing platform of the "Wackelturm" (wobbling tower) in Rosental is recommended for all visitors to Leipzig who aren't too scared of heights.

It is located in the Leipzig floodplain forest. As one of the largest preserved floodplain forests in Central Europe, the Auwald invites you to explore and relax. After a long walk in the forest or a picnic in the grassy area in Rosental, you could keep exploring and climb the 20m high tower near the water treatment plant on the Parthe. There is no shelter from wind and weather, so you should check the weather forecast before visiting. 

Once you reach the top, however, there is a magnificent view over the flood plain forests' leafy canopy and, albeit in the distance, of the city's landmarks. From here the City-Hochhaus and the Leipzig Zoo can be viewed from a completely new perspective.

Even the smallest gust of wind can shake the tower. When this happens, it's time to hold on tight and enjoy the endless expanse! 


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