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Webers Hof (Hainstraße/Kleine Fleischergasse)

An important building in the history of architecture

View of the Webers Hof entrance near the market square, which is an example of the courtyard and arcade architecture in Leipzig but is now great for browsing and shopping, culture
© T. Williger

The building in Hainstraße 3 has been known as Webers Hof since 1875 and is one of the most important town houses in Leipzig's architectural history. It was built in 1662 as an arcade house, whereby the lower three storeys with early Baroque window frames, the two-storey wooden oriel window and the stair tower in the inner courtyard have been preserved in the design concept of the time.

The inner courtyard of Webers Hof was connected to the adjacent Barthels Hof in 1997.



location Webers Hof
Hainstraße 3
04109 Leipzig