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Leipzig Loves Local – Regional Products from Leipzig and the Region

Keyvisual für die Kommunikatin der Regionalen Produkte des Kunst- und Lebensmittelhandwerks aus Leipzig und der Region
Fernsehbeitrag von Leipzig Fernsehen über die Kampagne Leipzig liebt Regionales für Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig
© Leipzig Fernsehen

Impression from the press meeting for the launch of the "Leipzig Loves Local" project on 27.09.2021

Leipzig is a city of creatives that produces talent, art and products – and it's not all just painting, sculpture and photographic art. Unrivalled local products are also created in the arts and food crafts sector in Leipzig and the region, which we will be presenting on this page. The work of skilled craftspeople is and remains something very special. This is where you get to meet the people behind the products and observe the process of making the things that are sold. Meet the creative minds of the Leipzig arts and food crafts scene, look over their shoulders as they work, learn about their passion and their very personal stories. Local products also make unforgettable souvenirs that will always remind you of your visit to the Leipzig region.
At the bottom of this page, you will find more information on all featured craftspeople.

What Makes Our Local Products Special

All regional products featured on this page are characterised by being unique in their nature, manufacture or components. Genuine, Unique Leipzig Originals! Many of the featured craftspeople are shaping and preserving our region's traditions. Of particular interest to visitors to Leipzig: Numerous studios and cottage industries invite you to take part in guided tours, presentations, hands-on activities or workshops. You can experience art and food craftsmanship first hand!

Local Artisan Food Products

Temptation for the Palate

Many people imagine traditional foods such as bread, eggs, milk and cheese when they think of "local products". But let's not forget the sweet side of life! Leipzig is home to many handmade, appetising and often traditional nibbles that are not to be missed. For example, have you ever eaten a breakfast roll with jam made from rowan berries? At Sornziger Wilden you will find these and a number of other fruit spreads made from rare wild fruit varieties. Delicious handmade chocolates and pralines are made in the Goethe Chocolaterie and the Chocolaterie Praetsch. And of course, a sweet pastry is not to be missed: The Leipziger Lerche has been baked with love by the Kleinert bakery for over 70 years.
You can find very special savoury treats at the certified bread maker Ricardo Fischer or the Eilenburg Truffle Hunters.

Volker und Hannelore Umbreit vor einem Wildfruchtstrauch im Klostergarten Sornzig, Sornziger Wilde, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping
© Volker Umbreit

Botanical interest in forgotten  wild fruit varieties has now given rise to a regional delicatessen. Under the brand name Sornziger Wilde, Hannelore and Volker Umbreit make use of ancient wild fruit varieties that are rarely used in today's food industry, such as rowan, mulberry, barberry or civet. In addition to wild fruit spreads, the Sornziger Wilde range also includes wild fruit liqueurs and brandies.

Leipziger Lerches from the Kleinert bakery

Ein Bäckermeister der Bäckerei Kleinert bei der Herstellung echter Leipziger Lerchen in der Backstube, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Gastronomie
© Bäckerei Kleinert

The term " Kaffeesachsen" (coffee Saxony) is no mere coincidence; the invigorating hot beverage has a firm place in the culture of the federal state. And what is the essential accompaniment to coffee? Cake, of course! And that's not all that Leipzig has in store for those with a sweet tooth . The Leipziger Lerche, a small shortcrust pastry basket with a blob of jam, a marzipan filling and a typical cross made of strips of pastry, is probably our city's best-known pastry. The term Leipziger Lerche has been protected since 2004 and may only be used by authorised companies – so if you happen upon genuine or original Leipziger Lerche, go for it! We can especially recommend Lerches from the Kleinert bakery, which has been keeping Leipzig's baking tradition alive since 1950. Our tip for your visit: if you go into the Kleinert bakery shop, why not ask about the history of the Leipzig Lerche?

Products from Happy Animals

Sustainability, animal welfare and quality – these are the criteria people look for when they want to buy great animal products. Rather than simply buying products off a refrigerated shelf, in the Leipzig region, you can meet the makers of the regional products and the animals that produce the food. Come and see for yourself the passion and care that go into making fish, meat and dairy products. And of course don't forget: try these tasty products! Hearty cheese specialities from the Bennewitz dairy farm, unparalleled goat's milk and meat products from the Caprinenhof or exquisite fresh or smoked Wermsdorf fish – all these and many other animal products are made in the Leipzig region.

Goat Products from the Caprinenhof

Sven Kloy has been tending his dairy goat farm since 2013 – back then it was just a sideline, but since 2020 he has been a self-employed goat farmer. Animal welfare and natural husbandry are key priorities at the Caprinenhof. This also ensures that the goats are healthy and lively and produce high-quality, tasty milk. This is used to make delicious goat's cheese in the farm's own dairy.

You can visit Sven Kloy, his shepherd dog Kalle, his goats and the Caprinenhof on a "cross-field" tour. Led by Katja Leißner, the tour includes a visit to the historical sites of Sornzig – including the monastery garden where the fruits for the Sornziger Wilde products grow! At a picnic with a wonderful view over the region, you can taste the cheese from the Caprinenhof, which will be visited as the grand finale of the tour.

Foto von einer Ziege bei der Querfeldwiesetour in Sornzig, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Freizeit
Foto von einigen Produkten aus Ziegenmilch vom Caprinenhof, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Gastronomie, Freizeit
Foto von einem Picknick bei der Querfeldwiesetour in Sornzig, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Gastronomie, Freizeit

Spirits and Beer: Tradition and Zeitgeist

Anyone who has read Goethe's Faust already knows that plenty of wine flowed in Leipzig's pubs back then. What Mephisto failed to mention, however, were the beers and spirits that are still served today. Anyone that appreciates a tasty beer or is looking for a "liquid" gift for family and friends will find exactly what they are looking for in Leipzig and the surrounding region. First and foremost, a drink that is perfectly at home on modern craft beer shelves , based on its list of ingredients. Leipziger Gose is a top-fermented beer with added table salt and coriander. Although it is not a Leipzig invention, it has been very much at home in Leipzig since the 18th century. Nowadays it is brewed at the Bayerischer Bahnhof or at the Gosenschenke "Without Hesitation", for example.

Of course, Leipzig and the region are also home to classic breweries that use traditional ingredients and modern brewing methods to create individual and distinctive beers. The history of the Cannewitz brewery in Wurzen dates back to the 13th century. Within the city of Leipzig, you can also explore the art of brewing at the Ratskeller Leipzig, Synde Bräu or Cliff's Brauwerk.

The Wilhelm Horn Spirits Manufactory is a little more high-proof. In addition to the traditional Allasch, herbal and aronia liqueurs, gins and aperitivos are also produced here.

Fuchs Spirits

Drei Flaschen aus dem Sortiment von Fuchs Spirituosen, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig
© Fuchs Spirituosen

Thilo Fuchs is reviving a genuine Delitzsch distilling tradition with Fuchs Spirits – including a bitter liqueur. Thilo Fuchs moved to Delitzsch over 10 years ago, where he developed a keen interest in the history of the town. He visited auctions to acquire historical postcards that are reminders of days gone by, along with other old treasures. In 2013 he got his hands on a very special jewel: the recipe collection of a company that produced spirits and fruit juices in Delitzsch up until the 1950s! These products once enjoyed world renown – Franz Naumann's liqueur factory was represented at World Fairs in Philadelphia and Sydney. Thilo Fuchs revived the Delitzsch speciality, using the original recipe to produce the Naumann bitters from Jamaica rum and calamus root. Today, the in-house range at Fuchs Spirits not only includes gin, whisky and vodka, it also features a special whisky liqueur. Anyone who is interested can sample everything in tastings held on the premises.

Local Arts and Crafts Products

Creative Design from Head to Toe

Leipzig is no longer an insider tip when it comes to shopping. There is nonetheless always something new to discover since Leipzig is a creative hotspot with many resident designers and craftspeople who produce remarkable clothing and accessories. At BAER, you can get custom-made shoes for every occasion and bike lovers can even get elegant Oxfords with a click system for bike pedals here. So cycling to work doesn't mean you can't be well dressed. Looking for a matching scarf for your outfit? At Robyn Chamberlain's "Craft Pigeon Hand Weaving", you will find unique hand-woven pieces made from sustainable materials such as recycled denim. Or how about a stylish fish-leather handbag by Rothöll, wooden spectacles by Enzo Forciniti or a festive gown by Silke Wagler? In Leipzig, there are unique and wonderful creations for every taste.

Rothöll Fishleather Accessoires

Produktfoto der Dorschlederhandtasche in Safrangelb aus Fischleder von Rothöll, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Design, Shopping
© Annekatrin Döll

During a stay in Iceland in 2009, Annekatrin Döll discovered that leather is not always made from the familiar cattle and sheep skins, and can also be made from fish. After her stay, she couldn't stop thinking about this remarkable material, and so came up with the idea for her own very special products: handbags and accessories made from fish leather. She has been making these products in her workshop in Leipzig since 2016. Protecting the environment is a particular concern at Rothöll, which is why Annekatrin Döll's products are made using fish leather from species that are not endangered, and the leather is produced using a plant-based tanning process. The skins are actually leftovers from the fishing industry and would be thrown away if they weren't recycled into leather.

Foto der Werkstatt von Manuel Bär in der er BAER Maßschuhe herstellt, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Design
© Manuel Baer / Christoph Busse

Manuel Bär makes custom-made leather shoes for every occasion – including for that perfect bike ride!

For a Beautiful Home

Decorative utensils and objects can lend any home a unique atmosphere. Make your own four walls even more homely and individual with a handmade product from Leipzig that will always remind you of your visit to us. With the maxim "everyday luxury", Claudia Biehne makes unique creations out of "white gold" in her porcelain studio, along with intricate lamps.  At Flora Metaphorica you will find exceptional pictures and tiles featuring wonderful dried flowers, a technique that the artist Tina Altus has even filed a patent for. From garden accessories to entire tables or serving trays: Andrea Hiller from hillerei Mosaik makes distinctive mosaic pieces and even jewellery.

Claudia Biehne beim Bemalen eines Werkes in ihrem Porzellanatelier Biehne, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Kunst, Design
© Stefan Passig
Eine Töpferin der Familie Arnold bei der Herstellung einer Vase, Töpferhaus Arnold, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Kunst
© Töpferhaus Arnold GmbH / Jens Paul Taubert
Grün-blauer Mosaiktisch von hillereiMOSAIK, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Design
© Andrea Hiller
Tina Altus von Flora Metaphorica presst Blüten für ihre Fliesen, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Kunst
© Flora Metaphorica
Drei Tonprodukte in Kohren-Blau vom Töpferhaus Arnold im Gras, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Shopping, Kunst
© Töpferhaus Arnold GmbH

"Pots and bowls have been made here since the year fifteen hundred and forty and eight". People in the old pottery town of Kohren-Sahlis have been familiar with the traditional art of pottery ever since. Töpferhaus Arnold is one of the oldest potteries in Germany. Here, the art of pottery meets contemporary design. You will of course also find the much-loved blue and white dotted ceramics, officially known as Kohrener Blau-Weiß (Kohren Blue and White).

You Only Hear Good Things Coming From Leipzig

Leipzig is a world-class city of music – and has a long tradition! After all, the famous Gewandhaus Orchestra dates back over 275 years, for example. In a city with such a strong musical spirit and so many talented musicians, it goes without saying that there is plenty of demand for instruments. There are still instrument makers in the region that skillfully craft them by hand. Klaus Clement Violin Workshop – Fine String Instruments, is where string players can find the instrument of their dreams. Brass instruments such as tubas, euphoniums and trumpets are made by Vogt Instruments.

Vogt Instruments – Passion for Brass

Ein Regal mit Blechblasinstrumenten im Laden von Vogt Blechblasinstrumente in Leipzig, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Musik
© Andreas Schmidt

From repairs to new instruments, Matthias Vogt's master workshop is the first port of call for brass players. Over the course of its 15-year history, Vogt Instruments has developed into an internationally respected instrument maker.

Joy for the Whole Body

Colours – fragrances – care – a little holiday for the body and soul. Various small cottage industries in Leipzig and the region have set themselves precisely this goal – to pamper their customers with high-quality, natural cosmetics. Lavender fragrances, essential oils and the makers' favourite scent, sea buckthorn, all await you in the Beti Lue. ointment workshop. You can boil soap and make bath bombs or creams yourself in this workshop for handmade natural cosmetics. Of course, these are also available to buy straight off the shelf in their shop in the west of Leipzig.

The Joy of Play, for Young and Old

Ein Spielzeugmacher von Holz Liebe beim Schleifen von Miniaturen aus Holz, Regionale Produkte aus Leipzig, Kinderspielzeug
© Holz Liebe

Holz Liebe – Handmade Wooden Toys

Holz Liebe – the brand doesn't just include the name of the family behind the company, it also reflects what the brand stands for: passion for the product, for the material and for the details. The Liebe family has been making wooden toys and doll sets for over 30 years – originally in Leipzig Lindenau, and since the 1990s in Frankenheim on the western outskirts of the city. Founder Wolfram Liebe learned the intricate craft in the Erzgebirge mountains, and he is joined today by two other skilled wooden toymakers who produce miniatures and toys. The rule is: if it exists in full scale, it can also be made to 1:12 scale! You can thus find all kinds of "tiny treasures" in the Holz Liebe workshop –jumping jacks the size of postage stamps, mini pencils or even working tricycles in miniature. All miniatures are handmade, no larger than the palm of your hand and made from wood from the Leipzig Floodplain Forest. The toys must be accurate to within a tenth of a millimetre to ensure that no doll's chair wobbles and that each little drawer can be opened.

Markets and other events where you can also buy local products.