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Gewandhausorchester Leipzig and independent musicians keep the sound of Leipzig alive

Over the last couple of weeks, the Gewandhausorchester Leipzig as well as independent local musicians produced a new series of concerts – despite (or precisely because of) the COVID -19 pandemic.

From this week on, every Monday and Tuesday at 12noon the half-hour concerts will be streamed on the website www.leipzigklingtweiter.de. The repertoire is not solely classic, but ranges from jazz to singer-songwriter to alternative and experimental music highlighting Leipzig’s diverse musical landscape. The gigs took place under careful consideration of all hygiene and distance rules and were turned into extraordinary movies by twosyde media. Thus, the audience can engage acoustically and visually. After their release, the recordings will be permanently available on the website as well as the Gewandhausorchster’s social media channels.

At times where live events have been put on hold and many musicians are financially struggling, the Gewandhaus concert building provides a stage for its own prestigious orchestra as well as for the many talents from Leipzig’s independent music scene. In turns, they perform their favourite pieces at various locations in the whole building. Be it the gallery, the foyer or the Grand hall, you will get a glimpse on how Leipzig’s traditional concert hall looks – and sounds – without the usual bustle.

With this project Leipzig continues its tradition as a city of music, creativity and solidarity. These features have always been a source of inspiration for creative minds. Over the centuries, many famous composers have lived and worked in Leipzig, e. g. Bach, Mendelssohn, Schumann and Wagner. The majority of the composers’ homes and workplaces is still standing today which is unrivalled in Germany and, in international terms, second only to Vienna.