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The roofs of the city and Leipzig's skyline with the New Town Hall and the City Hochhaus, old town, architecture, sights in Leipzig, cultural venue
Above the roofs of Leipzig. © Philipp Kirschner

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Leipzig - City of Music

Hardly any other German city has such a great and vibrant musical tradition as Leipzig.

Johann Sebastian Bach, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Richard Wagner, Clara and Robert Schumann, Edvard Grieg, Gustav Mahler and many more left a precious musical legacy that is still ubiquitous today and continues to grow each year. The Gewandhaus orchestra and Leipzig Opera enjoy global renown, and international festivals attract considerable attention.

History comes to life at the very places where these composers once lived and worked. Follow the Leipzig Music Trail and discover a large number of original sites of interest where famous composers lived and worked, in a concentration which is unmatched anywhere in the world.

Leipzig - Creative City

Discover Leipzig´s vast alternative and creative scene just outside of the city centre. Whether crafts, art galleries in former factory spaces or alternative street festivals. The former industrial district of Plagwitz offers lots of room to the free thinking to try themselves out and explore their own creativity. As a result art in all shapes and sizes encompasses the city.

Soak up the energy of cultural hotpots such as SPINNEREI and Kunstkraftwerk, stroll along beautiful canals or discover the ever changing bar and club scene around Karl-Heine-Straße. 

Leipzig Watercity and Industrial Culture

Leipzig mixes urban industrial architecture with a vast network of canals crossing through the city’s western district.

Plagwitz, an unparalleled 90-hectare monument to industrial architecture was the first large industrial area in Germany whose development was fully planned. Industrial Pioneer Dr Carl Erdmann Heine’s ambitious vision for Leipzig´s West spearheaded the process of German Industrialisation in Leipzig.

Today once again, Plagwitz shines thanks to visionary tenants, such as artists and start-ups that have taken root here. Follow Dr Carl Erdmann Heine´s visible traces through Plagwitz and soak up the unique flair.

Leipzig for Families and Leisure

Leipzig is so multifaceted, that it offers not only sightseeing, but also plenty of leisure activities.

Whether you want to meet up close with amazing wildlife, educate yourself in a wide variety of museums or rather spend the day outside in one of Leipzig´s many parks, there is plenty to experience in this city. Discover Leipzig´s waterways on the canoe, bike through primary forests or simply relax on the sandy beach of Lake Cospuden. Thrill seekers should not miss Belantis theme park, where countless wild rides are waiting to be concurred.

In Leipzig the next adventure is just around the corner!

Leipzig in the Course of History

Well passed it 800th Birthday, Leipzig can look back on a long and eventful history.

First mentioned in the 7th century, Leipzig was granted city rights and market privileges in 1165, making it an important trading hub. Countless musicians have lived and worked in Leipzig over the course of history, coining Leipzig as the city of music. Goethe, Luther, Nietzsche, Schiller - brilliant minds have always been attracted to the free spirit in Leipzig and have left their mark on the city.

In 1989 this strive for independence paved the way to the German Reunification. The Monday Peace Prayers lit a spark that inflamed the Peaceful Revolution that ultimately led to the unified Germany.

Leipzig lives and breathes history – discover it for yourself.

Historic Sites in Leipzig

Leipzig Region

Imposing castles and palaces, a vast system of idyllic bike and hike trails and the fascinating Leipzig New Lakeland – the manifold Leipzig Region has a lot to offer!

With its 22 lakes, the Leipzig New Lakeland area is the ideal place for recreation, swimming and all kinds of outdoor activities and trend sports.

The Saxon Heathland area, which includes the beautiful Düben Heath and Dahlen Heath, is just perfect for walking, cycling and riding.

And in Saxony's Castle Country there are countless romantic towns and historic castles, monasteries and manor houses waiting to be discovered – just a stone’s throw outside the city centre.


Leipzig Region