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Leipzig Images: Terms of use for the LTM GmbH digital photo archive

Are you looking for a image of the Leipzig Notenspur, the Gewandhaus or the Drallewatsch pub mile? We've got it!

What services does the photo archive offer?
Here you will find a selection of around 300 Leipzig images. The photos are the property of the respective photographers. Reproduction of the photo archive or essential parts thereof - also in the form of link lists - is not permitted. We have designed the photo archive to be very user-friendly, giving you several options for finding your desired image.

1.) Search:
Please enter a point of interest under "search term" (e.g. "Völkerschlachtdenkmal/Monument to the Battle of the Nations") or parts of words and then click on "Display".

Select a category: 
While "Attractions" presents the typical sights of Leipzig, you will also find unusual images under "Details and views of the city". Do you still need a winter picture for your editorial coverage? In the corresponding section you will find suitable photos for download. 



How does downloading work?
You can view the photographs in three versions: as a preview image, a detail version or a download. If you click on "Details", you will see a large image. From here you can "download" and save the photo.

Who may use the images?
All images can be used free of charge for private and editorial purposes in connection with tourist reporting about Leipzig. This also applies to representation within editorial online contributions. The prerequisite for this is the name of the photographer, see next point.
All tour operators may use the images in travel catalogues free of charge when promoting travel to Leipzig and the region. This also applies to publication of the travel catalogue as a pdf file on the Internet. With the latter, however, it must be ensured that the name of the photographer appears in the image, next to the image, under the image or as a mouse-over.

Use of the photos on social networks such as Facebook or Pinterest is excluded, unless the photographers agree to the use in writing. Please contact them directly if required.

Who is named as photographer on publication?
In any case, the user is obliged to indicate the image source pursuant to § 13 UrhG (Copyright Act). The condition for the royalty-free use of the images in the digital photo archive is that the name of the photographer is printed in full when they are published, e.g. "Michael Bader". If several images are printed, it is not permitted to indicate a collective source, e.g. "LTM" or "City of Leipzig". Furthermore, it must be possible to assign individual images to the respective photographer. However, special agreements are possible after consultation with the LTM GmbH press office. Contact: presse@ltm-leipzig.de.

How do I acquire the rights for commercial use of the photos?
The use of the photos free of charge in commercial publishing products or other publications for resale purposes is not permitted, as LTM GmbH does not own the rights to transfer the photos to third parties for commercial purposes. This concerns among other things the representation in travel guides, DVD, CD-ROM, calendars, posters, displays, postcards, souvenirs, advertisements, composings, image brochures, etc. If you require commercial use, you can request and purchase the rights of use from the image authors. If you click on "Show details" in the preview image, the photographer's address will be displayed.

Are the photos printable?
All images contained in the photo archive are available as downloadable jpg files (300 dpi) in high resolution. In individual cases, it may be necessary to edit the raw images. Restoration (retouching) and other changes may only be carried out with the consent of LTM GmbH.

Sample copies
In accordance with § 25 of the German Law on Publishing dated 19 June 1901 (RGBI., p.217), a sample copy of each publication in print must be made available to LTM GmbH without request and free of charge. Local print media is excluded. You can also send it as a pdf file (max. 8 MB file size) or link to download it: presse@ltm-leipzig.de.

What happens if the terms of use are violated?
In the event of a violation, LTM GmbH or the injured photographers can demand that the user retract all his products with the presentation of the images at his own expense and either correct them or stop their distribution completely. In addition, LTM GmbH and/or the photographers reserve the right to claim damages. In the event that commercial use of the photos has not been approved, the image authors or holders of image rights are entitled to additional fees in accordance with customary market fees for image usage rights. Information on image fees is available from the Mittelstandsgemeinschaft Foto-Marketing (MFM).