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Panorama Skyline of Leipzig taken from the Fockeberg with forest in the lower half of the picture, viewpoints in Leipzig, sights, City-Hochhaus

Wild garlic from the floodplain forest

Green wild garlic with lots white flowers, Hidden-Leipzig-Nature-Leisure
© Andreas Schmidt

People from Leipzig know and love the smell! Every year in April and May there is a real olfactory explosion in the floodplain forest when the wild garlic sprouts from the ground. The floodplain area covers 5900 hectares and extends from Zwenkau to the northwest border of Saxony. Though the city splits Leipzig's floodplain forest into two parts, parks and green spaces reconnect it. Thus, the green of the floodplain forest stretches from the Rosental, Clara Zetkin Park and Johanna Park to the city centre. Wild garlic thrives especially well here in the damp, shady undergrowth. Starting in May, its flowers cover the Leipzig forest floor and perfume the air. Take a walk through the floodplain forest and breathe deeply.


location Wild garlic in the floodplain forest
04109 Leipzig
View into the forest and a meadow with blossoming wild garlic in front of it
© Andreas Schmidt
You can see a forest path lined with a small field of blooming wild garlic, Hidden-Leipzig-Nature-Leisure
© Andreas Schmidt