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Blauer Hecht (Nikolaistraße)

The former restaurant "Zum Blauen Hecht"

Entrance to the Blauer Hecht arcade, whose architecture is a great example of the courtyards and arcades in Leipzig, culture
© T. Williger

The fur trade building was erected in 1911/1912 and got its wild name from the former Leipzig restaurant called "Zum Blauen Hecht", which was first mentioned in 1551. The building sign above the entrance to the arcade, with its blue pike, still bears witness to this today.

The façade of the building is clad in limestone, the pillars of which form capital-like borders in the form of animal heads. The figurative elements refer to the furs traded at the fairs.


location Blauer Hecht
Nikolaistraße 39-45
04109 Leipzig
The Blauer Hecht passage, with its entrance decorated with the blue pike, is an example of the architecture of the courtyards and arcades in Leipzig, culture and culture.
© T. Williger
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