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Brühl-Arkade (Brühl/Richard Wagner Straße)

The arcade passing diagonally through the Marriott Hotel

View of the Brühl Arcade inner courtyard, which houses the Fischer Art studio and is also an example of the architecture in Leipzig of courtyards and arcades, browsing, shopping, culture, etc
© T. Williger

The Brühl-Arkade traverses the Marriott Hotel building, combining low-ceilinged arcades with two bright, glassed-over atriums. The arcade is characterised by a three-storey balcony bay window above the entrance to the Brühl. The new hotel building thus adapts to the traditional architecture of Leipzig's system of arcades.

Among other things, the Brühl-Arkade houses the studio of the Leipzig artist Michael Fischer-Art, whose colourful paintings decorate the passageway as well as the eastern façade of the building complex.


location Brühl-Arkade
Brühl 33
04109 Leipzig
The Brühl Arcade's entrance, not far from the central station, is an example of the architecture of the courtyards and arcades in Leipzig
© T. Williger