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Federal Administrative Court

Building of the former imperial Court

View of the Federal Administrative Court and a cyclist, architecture in Leipzig, history, bicycle city
© T. Williger

The former imperial court building was built between 1888 and 1995 based on Peter Dybwad and Ludwig Hoffmann designs, characterised by its cupola, belongs to the Wilhelminian Empire's monumental buildings The building owes its noble appearance to the application of classical architectural principles, to the restraint in structural details, and the figure of truth over the central hall dome. In walls of the old Imperial Court, the high treason trial of Karl Liebknecht was held in 1907 and the so-called "Reichstag Fire Trial" in 1933 - in which the Bulgarian communist Georgi Dimitroff exposed the Nazi regime to the public - took place. The Federal Administrative Court has been based in Leipzig since 2002. As the Federal Republic of Germany's supreme court the three-tier administrative jurisdiction, it is responsible for disputes concerning public law. Pleißemühlgraben's 2001 opening took place in front of the building, the bank of which is accentuated by luminous steles at night.


location Federal Administrative Court
Simsonplatz 1
04107 Leipzig
phone +49 (0)341 20070
fax +49 (0)341 20071000
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