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Café Grundmann

View into the seating area of Café Grundmann with classic wooden coffee house furniture
© Daniel Koehler

You can enjoy Viennese coffee in the heart of Leipzig at Café Grundmann. The coffee house has existed under various names since 1919. But one thing has always been constant: the comfortable furnishings in classic Viennese style with wooden chairs and seating niches together with the outstanding coffee and confectionery products. Be it for afternoon tea or a long brunch on Sunday morning, Café Grundmann does not only have the timeless classics on the menu but also delicacies and specialities from all over the world. Coffee house waiters take and serve all orders in authentic style. An all-round unique experience.


location August-Bebel-Straße 2
04107 Leipzig
phone +49 (0)3412228962
web visit homepage

Südplatz ⋅ TRAM 10, 11

Café Grundmann's bar with view from the large front window
© Daniel Koehler
View into the empty seating area of Café Grundmann with round tables and wooden chairs in the Viennese coffee house style
© Daniel Koehler
View of Café Grundmann's bar including café preparation and pastry shop
© Daniel Koehler