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Döbeln Horse Tram and German Horse Tram Museum

The origin of today's means of transport

Horse-drawn tram with museum in the background, exhibition, culture
© K. Lange

The old Döbeln horse town was in operation from 1892 to 1892 on a 2.5 km long route from the main station to the town centre, serving as public transport. Since June 2007 guests have been able to experience the nostalgic driving experience of the past with the restored Döbeln horse tram, which is unique in Germany, on an approx. 1 km long rail track in the Döbeln town centre.

The horse tram is the origin of all modern means of transport. In Germany, at the end of the 19th /beginning of the 20th century century there were more than 1,700 horse trams in more than 90 cities and worldwide. However, deeper historical appreciation has so far been denied. In some tram museums, the topic horse tram is indeed addressed, but mostly limited and only focusing on local conditions. A museum has been set up in Döbeln, where pictures and exhibits on horse trams are on display. The varied and sometimes strange story of the horse tram in Döbeln, Germany and the world is presented on 50 presentation charts.


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04720 Döbeln
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Traditional club "Döbelner Pferdebahn" eV


Parking area , Bathroom
© K. Lange
The Döbeln Horse Tram driving through the city centre, culture, excursion destinations
© Gerhard Weber
The Döbeln Horse Tram with a horse in front of the carriage in the centre of Döbeln with St. Nicholas Church in the background, culture
© K. Lange
Hintergrundbild Anfahrt

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