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Donati-Orgel in der Ev.-Luth. Christopheruskirche Böhlen

Queen of instruments in Böhlen

Donati organ in the Evangelical Lutheran St. Christopher Church in Böhlen
© D. Wadewitz

The brothers Christian Gottlob (1732 - 1795) and Gotthold Heinrich Donati (1734 - 1799) have been described as the builders of the organ in Böhlen. They belong to the widely branched Donat family of organ builders, which was founded by Christoph Donat (1625 - 1706). Johann Jacob (1663 - 1732), son of Christoph Donat the Elder, "italianised" the name Donat to "Donati". This version of the name was passed to all other family members. The brothers Christian Gottlob and Gotthold Heinrich Donati worked together in Altenburg from 1770 to 1794. In 1794 they built the Böhlen organ. I / 10th
As the documents show, the organ had a pitch of a' - 473 Hz.. The current pitch corresponds to a' - 440 Hz.

The church, which has been rebuilt several times, dates back to the 13th century. The church is furnished with an altar built around 1680. The pulpit in its columnar arrangement with Christ and the Evangelists was built around 1650, the ornamentally decorated baptismal font in the form of a goblet made of porphyry was built around 1613. The late-Gothic carved statues of saints from the 16th century, standing in a shrine on the southern side of the choir room, date from the altar of the church in Zeschwitz, which had to make way for construction work in 1942. In the west gallery is the organ built by the Donati brothers in 1794.
Texts: Klaus Gernhardt

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After several repairs and modifications, the organ has its original design

Manualumfang C,D - c''' Pedalumfang C,D - c'

1. Gedackt 8' 9. Subaß 16'
2. Quintadena 8' 10. Principalbaß 8'
3. Principal 4'
4. Holzflöte 4'
5. Octave 2' Pedalkoppel
6. Sifflöte 1'
7. Cornett triple Tremulant
8. Mixturtriple


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Pfarrbüro Rötha
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-Platz 11
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