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Green-hearted city in the Mulde

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The large district town of Eilenburg is located in the Free State of Saxony, belongs to the administrative district of North Saxony and is thus part of the Leipzig/Halle metropolitan region.

Located on the edge of the Düben Heath and only 25 km from the city of Leipzig, the small town with its six districts looks back on a history of over 1050 years and can rightly call itself one of the cradles of Saxony. Around 16,000 residents live in Eilenburg today. The city of Eilenburg is a paradise for nature lovers, hikers and cyclists and an ideal starting point for exploration tours of all kinds. Tourists, groups and day trippers are always welcome in the Mulde city. It is worth stopping in Eilenburg. There are sometimes small or "hidden" things that have to be discovered and which make for a unique experience. In addition, numerous modern sports and cultural venues, as well as a variety of attractive and exciting events in the city ensure a variety of leisure activities.

You can walk along historical paths in the town museum, which is located in the town's most historic civic house, the "Zum Roten Hirsch" inn. It is also worthwhile to take a guided tour of the unique underworld of Eilenburg, a widespread cellar system in the Eilenburger Berg that was established in the Middle Ages. Not to be missed is the legendary castle hill with its historic circular path, the "Hundertstüfchen", the Sorb Tower (one of Saxony's oldest brick buildings) and the nameless wall tower in the north of the complex. The view over the Leipzig lowlands and the Düben Heath is magnificent. Eilenburg is the southern gateway to the Düben Heath Nature Park region and offers both nature-specific and historical city tours.

Do you want to cycle along the Muldental Cycle Path through Eilenburg? Then stop at Bobritzer Damm - an impressive reservoir - and take a breather in the middle of the charming floodplain landscape. Or you can make use of the peripheral "Eilenburger Schleife" circuit, which leads directly from the Eilenburg Ost Mulde cycle path into the city centre and up the mountain, where all the sights of Eilenburg can be seen from a viewpoint. You can also admire the architecture and structural culture of Eilenburg's city centre and the natural landscape along the Mühlgraben (minor arm of the Mulde) by boat. The eleven "Camera Historica" columns within the city limits as well as the "Flüster- und Kugelpark" in the heart of Eilenburg invite you for a pleasant stroll. The zoo, the mountain church of St. Mary's with its Geißler organ and St. Nicholas Church with its unique cross vault are also worth a visit.

Sports enthusiasts can use the wheelchair-accessible indoor swimming pool with sauna, the bowling alley and the fitness centre. The library, community centre with many top-class events, observatory or gallery café with its barn-style theatre - education and culture are also on offer. In addition to camping, the leisure and recreation centre "Kiesgrube" offers a wide range of water sports facilities.

You will find attractive accommodation options in the guest houses and hotels in the city and region. Thanks to the two existing railway stations (Eilenburg Bahnhof and Eilenburg Ost), there is not only a very good connection to the hiking and cycling trails for tourists and cyclists, but pilgrims can also benefit from this rail connection. The latter also have the opportunity to explore the Luther Trail, which runs through the city, and to visit Luther's places of activity in Eilenburg. Day tourists can also reach Eilenburg quickly and easily by direct connection to the cities of Leipzig (distance 25 min), Torgau (distance 20 min), Cottbus (distance 80 min) or Halle (distance 40 min) and be enriched by the rich variety of activities the small town offers.


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View of the Eilenburg castle hill and wall tower, excursion destinations
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