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Leipzig's second skyscraper

Europahaus at Augustusplatz © Sandra Rath
© Sandra Rath

The Europahaus was built between 1928 and 1929 and, after the Krochhaus, is the second skyscraper erected in the city. The Leipzig architect Otto Paul Burghardt developed the plans. Unlike the Krochhaus, it is not based on historical predecessors but is entirely devoted to modern design, which avoided the monumentality celebrated in America. It was important to the architect that the skyscaper fit in with Leipzig's cityscape.

The Europahaus, at a height of 54 metres, is only 13 metres taller than its predecessor. It contains a 13-storey tower-like central building and two seven-storey adjoining wings. The façade is covered with slab's of shell limestone. In 1965 the entrance hall was redecorated with arrow colonnades. During construction, the rooftop's gastronomical function was lost.

The building was not adorned with ornaments or flourishes. The only beautification element is the inscription "Europahaus" between the sixth and seventh floors. Even the small rows of windows are for functionality. Other than that, only the pillars between the windows emphasise the vertical alignment.


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