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Löbnitz Evangelical Church

Church in Löbnitz

The 700-year-old village church has an impressive history and houses important sacral relics from different eras. These include a variety of epithapies, an approx. 400-year-old winged altarpiece and a picture Bible blanket (Bibliapauperum 1691) that is unique in Central Germany. A Romanesque three-aisled basaltic basilica, the Löbnitz church is first mentioned in 1183. The altar was built in 1629 by Georg Eckhard from Freiberg and between 1973 - 1980 was restored by W. Pitzschler and P. Dietrich from Crimmitzschau.
A first conversion of the church began with the 1688 conversion to a hall church. Extensive renovation took place in 1930 and 1972. Since 2012, the historically valuable picture ceiling has been shining in new splendour. It is the largest Renaissance wooden coffered ceiling in Central Germany which features pictorial representations.
Inside the church is a rich collection of furnishings: Patronage box with pillar caps from 1586, altar from 1629, baptismal font from 1603, pulpit from the 18th century, numerous epitaphs, mostly for members of Schoenfeldt, who were resident for 567 years in Löbnitz. Last Supper relief (1932) by the sculptor Otto Richter from Löbnitz.

The Löbnitz church houses the largest and most extensive picture ceiling in Germany, designed by the Delitzsch painter Christian Schilling in 1691. It consists of 250 individual cartridge fields. 82 fields are decorated with floral motifs and 168 fields with biblical images (36 from the Old Testament and 78 from the New Testament). Furthermore, individuals such as the 16 scripture prophets, the 12 apostles and 4 evangelists, as well as Moses, Jesus, Luther and Melanchthon are depicted in the fields. The finale is made up of 18 pictures depicting angels.

The Löbnitz church is a station on the Saxony Luther Trail.

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location Löbnitz Evangelical Church
Delitzscher Straße 3
04509 Löbnitz
phone +49 (0)34208 72386 oder 7890
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  • Disability-accessible establishment
Dogs allowed , Parking area

opening hours

May to October  
Monday - Friday 10.00 am - 2.00 pm
Saturday - Sunday 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm