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Frauenkirche Groitzsch

Romanesque core with baroque tower construction

Frauenkirche in Groitzsch
© V. Hartig

The seemingly simple church has been rebuilt several times throughout the centuries. It probably originated with the round chapel of the nearby Wiprechtsburg castle around 1090 in the form of the Burgward church. When the outer castle was destroyed in 1224, the church also suffered damage and was subsequently converted into a pillar basilica. Today's Groitzsch Frauenkirche is a three-aisled relay hall. The rectangular west tower of the church is still from the previous building. 

Today, the tower consists of the Romanesque core and the square baroque tower with a hood and open lantern. The choir and the nave have tall, simple Gothic pointed arch windows. Inside, the entire church is flat-roofed. The nave is of a hall-like width. It opens to the aisles, each with two large arches. Carving figures from a baroque altar have been preserved and enrich the interior decoration. The interior of the church was extensively renovated and extended in 1883/84. The neo-Gothic interior design, the sacristy and the staircase towers on the west side as well as the stained-glass windows date from this period.
An internal restoration took place in 2007.


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