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Jägerhof (Große Fleischergasse/Hainstraße)

Location of the Passage Kino

View into the inner courtyard of the Jägerhof which is a great example of the architecture of the courtyards and arcades in Leipzig and is today especially perfect for shopping, culture
© Philipp Kirschner

The Jägerhof sample trade fair building was originally built between 1912 and 1920 according to designs by the Leipzig architect Manfred Müller. The integrated arcade connects the Hainstraße with the Große Fleischergasse. Consisting of three white-tiled atriums, it boasts an elegant, friendly atmosphere. An architectural highlight is the decorative wall fountain with a water-spouting gargoyle in the first courtyard.

Since 1915, the Jägerhof has been a meeting point for cinema lovers from Leipzig and the surrounding area. The Passage Kino invites you to enjoy exciting films every day.


location Jägerhof Passage
Hainstraße 17-19
04109 Leipzig
View into the inner courtyard of the Jägerhof, which is an example of the architecture of Leipzig's courtyards and arcades, but today is particularly suitable for shopping, culture
© Philipp Kirschner