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St. Nicolai Church in Kitzen Hohenlohe

A church with history

Exterior view of the church
St. Nicolai Church in Kitzen Hohenlohe © LTM

The church in Hohenlohe was built around 1150. The church parish of Hohenlohe, includes not only Kitzen, but almost all of the present districts of the former community and a number of villages that no longer exist. This was the biggest parish of the Merseburg Monastery and a largely independent local church and secular authority developed. In 1235, the parish lost its independence. 

In 1543, Bishop Sigismund allowed the Gospel to be preached in the monastery. In 1714 the church of Kitzen, burnt down and was rebuilt in 1755. In 1786 the community donated an altar made of wood, which is still preserved today. For some years now, a charity has been supporting the church.


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