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Kitupiland Leipzig

Play and learning paradise for young and old

© Kitupiland
© Kitupiland

The Kitupiland is a playing paradise in Leipzig Stötteritz. In addition to the open play area, courses and various events, it also offers a space for children's birthday parties. 

Over approx. 200 square metres can be playfully explored by young and old. There is a separate play area for toddlers (up to 3 years) with a ball pit as well as slides and climbing elements. For older children from 3-10 years there is also a super-climbing area waiting to be explored. 

The affectionately arranged rooms are available for undisturbed parties or a hard day's romp. The indoor Kitupi world with the Kitupi coffee bar is definitely a must when visiting... There are snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and tasty coffee specialities.

If you want to relax, you can do so with a book or with the available board games. 

For the youngsters, you can book children's gymnastics and children's dance courses on the website. The adults can also join yoga, Zumba, Pilates and Pilox classes. 

We suggest checking the event calendar regularly. 


location Kitupiland Leipzig
Holzhäuser Straße 124
04299 Leipzig
phone 0341 86382030
fax 0341.86382031
web visit homepage
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contact person

Daniela Jankova

© Kitupiland
© Kitupiland
© Kitupiland
© Kitupiland

opening hours

Monday to Friday 2.00 pm to 7.00 pm

Saturdays, Sundays (when no family breakfast is planned), Public Holidays 8:30 am -7 pm


Entrance fees play and climbing area

Monday through Friday *

  • Children 1 year old €4.00
  • Children 2 years old or older €5.50
  • Adults €4.00

Saturdays, Sundays
Public holidays in Saxony
School holidays in Saxony

  • Children 1 year old €4.50
  • Children 2 years old or older €6.50
  • Adults €4.50

Tuesday Daddy-Day *

  • Daddies Free entry
  • Children 1 year old €4.00
  • Children 2 years old or older €5.50

Wednesday Family Day *

  • Children 1 year old €3.50
  • Children 2 years old or older €5.00
  • Adults €3.50

Good Night rate starting at 5.30 pm

  • Children 1 year old €3.50
  • Children 2 years old or older €4.50
  • Adults €3.50
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