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Klosterwiesen Döbeln

© City of Döbeln

In recent years, the monastery meadows have become a popular leisure park for Döbeln Strollers, runners, cyclists, skaters, nature lovers, families with children, sunbathers, people seeking peace and quiet - they all find their place here without disturbing each other.

In the Middle Ages, the nuns of the Döbelner Benedictine convent cultivated the wide southwest-facing meadow on the Freiberger Mulde as a garden. Later, soldiers from all political regimes occupied the area for more than 100 years. In 1993, after the Bundeswehr moved out, the city acquired the overgrown area with the aim of developing it for nature-oriented leisure activities.

After the devastating flood of 2002, the 11-hectare site was redesigned. Numerous shrubs, trees and perennials were planted, benches set up and paths newly laid out, of which around 5 kilometres are paved. They are especially popular with skaters. In the back part, at the old firing range, there is a climbing facility and a 330-metre long, very demanding mountain bike route. A 1.7 hectare gravelled area serves as a festival ground. Twice a year, circus performances or the traditional (VW) Beetle meeting take place here.<br/> The Döbelner main cycle route, the Mulde bicycle path, also borders the area. <br/> The children's playground with its rope-way, balancing beams, suspension bridge, swings, crawling tunnel, rubber slide and much more is particularly popular.

The park can be reached via Heinrich-Heine-Straße or Friedrichstraße. There are also sufficient parking spaces available.


location Klosterwiesen Döbeln
Richard-Wagner-Straße 1
04720 Döbeln
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Döbeln Town Information<br/> Tel.: +49 (0)3431 579161


Zug: HP Döbeln, Hauptbahnhof; Bus: HP Döbeln, Pferdebahnmuseum oder Busbahnhof


Parking area , Dogs allowed , Playground

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