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Kreutzbach-Orgel in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lobstädt

Built in 1887 by Richard Kreutzbach

Kreutzbach organ in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lobstädt
© D. Wadewitz

In 1887 Richard Kreutzbach built the organ in Lobstädt with a mechanical action for the two manuals. A pneumatic control system controls the action of the pedal and stop action.
After the death of founder Urban Kreutzbach (1796 - 1868), his sons Richard (1839 - 1903) and Bernhard (1843 -?) continued to run the company. In 1875 Richard Kreutzbach became the sole owner of the company. He is a co-founder of the "Association of German Organ Builders", founded in 1895 by 37 organ builders. His long-standing co-workers Karl Friedrich Wilhelm Schmidt (1862 - 1945) and Friedrich Wilhelm Berger (1862 - 1929) took over the company in 1903 and continued to run it under the name "Schmidt & Berger".

The Saalkirche with its west tower dates from the late Romanesque period. The choir room was completed around 1500. There is still a sacramental alcove on the northern side of the vestibule. An altar wing with carved figures boasts decorations from around 1510. In 1610 the church was severely damaged by a fire. Reconstructions and repairs were documented in 1698, 1839 and 1887. In 1887 the second gallery on the north side was demolished and the tower received a window on its southern side.
The pulpit with its octagonal basket and the relief figures in the arches in the recesses date from the church in Zehmen, which was built around 1650. The carved crucifix in front of the middle choir window originates from the church in Görnitz, which was also excavated.
The Richard Kreutzbach organ from 1887 is located in the west gallery. II/12
Text: Klaus Gernhardt

related literature 
Acta Organologica, Volume 34, Verlag Merseburge 2015
Klaus Walter/ Gert Rothe/ Wolfram Hackel/ Jiri Kocourek
Richard Kreutzbach (1839 - 1903), Life and Work


I. Manual C - f''' II.Manual C - f''' Pedal C - d'

1. Bordun 16' 8. Hohlflöte 8' 11. Subbaß 16'
2. Principal 8' 9. Salicional 8' 12. Principal 8'
3. Viola di Gamba 8' 10. Fugara 4'
4. Gedackt 8' manual coupling
5. Principal 4' pedal coupling
6. Quinte 2 2/3' tutorial button
7. Octave 2'

1966 the Schmeisser company changed its identity.
I. Manual
Quintatön 8' instead of Viola di Gamba 8', Sesquialter 2 chamber and Rauschquinte 2 chambers instead of Quinte 2 2/3' and Bordun 16', exchange Gedackt 8' for Fugara 4'
II. manual
new pipe flute 4' and Tonus fabri 2 chambers instead of Salicional 8' and hollow flute 8'.


location Parish office of the parish Lobstädt-Neukieritzsch
Victoriastraße 21
04575 Neukieritzsch
phone +49 (0)3433 918019 oder 912198
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