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Kreutzbach-Organ in the St. Lawrence Church in Markranstädt

Originally 23 specifications

Keys of the Kreutzbach organ in the St. Laurentius Church in Markranstädt

Richard Kreutzbach (1839 - 1903), son and co-worker of the company's founder Urban Kreutzbach (1796 - 1868) built the organ with a pneumatic action in 1886. With two manuals and pedals, the organ originally had 23 specifications.
Playing aids: Pedal coupler from the 1st manual manual II to manual I coupler, swell pedal, fixed combinations: Piano, Mezzoforte and Fortissimo stops.
The 1925 and 1958-1963 reconstructions and specification changes were led by the company Mitteldeutscher Orgelbau A.Voigt GmbH of Bad Liebenwerda in 2006. In association with this, the specification of the main organ was extended with the addition of a Trompete 8'. II/24

Texts: Klaus Gernhardt

- Visitor bathroom available

Specification stop list

1st Console 2nd Manual (swell pedal)

1st Burden 16' 12th Geigen principal 8'
 2nd Principal 8' 13th Salizional 8n'
3rd Viola di Gamba 8' 14th Gedeckt 8'
4th Hohl flute 8' 15th Aeoline 8'
5th Chimney Flute 8' 16th Principal 4'
6th Principal 4' 17th Traverse flute 4'
7th Gemshorn 4' 18th Piccolo 2'
8th Octave 2' 19th Oboe 8'
9th Cornet rank 4 20th Harmonia aetherea rank 3
10th Mixture rank 4
11th Trompete 8' (since 2007)

21st Bazuin 16'
22nd Sub bass 16'
23rd Violon bass 16'
24th Principal 8'

Console coupler II - I, pedal coupler I, Piano, Mezzoforte, Tutti, release

- www.musiksommer-markranstaedt.de
- Organ data of the state church of Saxony.


location St. Lawrence Church in Markranstädt
Schulstraße 9
04420 Markranstädt
phone +49 (0)34205 87293
web visit homepage
contact person

Parish Office Markranstädt
Cantor Frank Lehmann
Schulstr. 9
04420 Markranstädt
Phone: +49 (0)341 3304081 


Parking area
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