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Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig

Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig: Germany's hotspot for New Media Art

Exhibition hall in the Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig, museum, cultural institutions, art spaces, gallery
© KKW Leipzig

The Kunstkraftwerk boasts international exhibitions, symposia, readings, concerts, parties and culinary delights on an area of over 2,000 square metres, just a few meters away from the Spinnerei, Westwerk and Tapetenwerk. The focus is always on you, the visitor. You are invited to discover, learn, be amazed, have fun. Your inspiration is like energy for the artificial power plant.

Within a short time, the Kunstkraftwerk has established itself as a highly sought-after centre for contemporary art and culture in Europe. The current focal point is IMMERSIVE ART, in which visitors dive into works of art via multimedia shows and installations. In February 2020 the new multimedia immersive 360° show VAN GOGH experience came to Kunstkraftwerk. In the rooms of the former combined heat and power plant, the unique colour and image worlds of Vincent van Gogh will be shown in oversized and immersive projection. 24 laser beamers of the latest generation project the works of van Gogh - from the Potato Eaters to the Sunflowers to the Starry Night - in huge resolution onto the walls and ceiling, which are up to eight meters high, and onto the floor of the hall.

In keeping with Saxony's Year of Industrial Culture, the Kunstkraftwerk shows the immersion show "Boomtown. Leipzig Industrial Culture" from September 2020. The first own production of the Kunstkraftwerk shows the historical change of the west of Leipzig, especially the transformations of Lindenau, Plagwitz and Schleußig from suburban villages to urban industrial locations. In the 20-minute show you can see footage from 1849 to 1989 and in the background music are hidden authentic sounds from the former industrial districts. If you listen carefully, you can even recognize the ringing of the bells of the Philippuskirche.


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04179 Leipzig
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Artistic lighting in an exhibition room in the Kunstkraftwerk, Hidden Leipzig, art, cultural facilities, gallery, exhibition, industrial heritage.
© Tom Schulze


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