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Town in Saxony's "Obstland"

© K. Lange

Leisnig, with its medieval flair and broad culture, is located in Saxony's largest fruit-growing area. Fruit trees, vegetables and healing plants were already being cultivated in the surrounding cloister gardens as early as in the Middle Ages. A mild climate, balanced precipitation, and the fertile soils of the river floodplains have always allowed for favourable fruit cultivation, and 800 years of history are still alive in the "fruit country". Visitors love returning to the extensive plantations, large warehouses and wineries and trying to regional products. 

The Reformation came to Leisnig early. The Reformation teachings were already being preached in the St. Matthäi city church as early as 1519, only two years after Luther's theses were published. Believers no longer wanted to receive ministrations from the monastery books, and it was also necessary to take in the runaway monks, to provide them with starting capital and to allow them to devote themselves to other social tasks. At the invitation of the citizens of Leisnig, Martin Luther visited the city estate for several days in 1522 and 1523. This led to the creation of the famous "Leisniger Kastenordnung", the oldest social document in the world This document can be viewed in a new permanent exhibition, the Luther Room. In addition to Luther's work, visitors can also learn about the effects of the Reformation on the region and the development of church music.

Mildenstein castle, which belongs to the oldest castles in Saxony and was probably built in the 10th century, is always worth seeing. The massive walls which have towered over the valley of the Freiberger Mulde for 1000 years can be seen from a distance. The family-friendly permanent exhibition on the history of the castle is a treat for both big and small castle fans. Admire the world's largest cuff boot in the neighboring boot museum.

The former Cistercian monastery in Klosterbuch welcomes guests to cultural events and exhibitions, in addition to the wildly popular regular farmer's markets.


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Leisnig Visitor's Office

© K. Lange
Courtyard of Mildenstein Castle with view of Leisnig, excursion, sightseeing
© W. Siesing
© W. Siesing
General view of Mildenstein Castle near Leisnig, sights
© W. Siesing
Inner courtyard of Mildenstein Castle near Leisnig, sights
© W. Siesing
Facade view of the Leisnig Guest Office, Tourist Information Office
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Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00 am - 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm - 4.00 pm
Saturdays and Sundays* 10.00 am - 3.00 pm
* October - March: closed on Sundays
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