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MS Santa Barbara on Lake Zwenkau

At home on Lake Zwenkau since 2008

Boat with inscription; "MS Santa Barbara Passenger Ship, Lake Zwenkau"
© Reederei Zwenkau GmbH Co. KG

The passenger ship MS Santa Barbara (length 26.70 and width 4.85 metres) was built in 1957 at the shipyard in Oberkassel. Up to the year 2007 it carried passengers under the name Valkyrie on Lake Plauer and Lake Müritz. On 25 June 2008, the ship was loaded onto a 32-metre special transporter. After two night voyages, the ship reached "Zwenkauer Boden" on 27 June 2008. On the same day it was lifted by special crane onto the emerging Lake Zwenkau. After a total of only 2 weeks of intensive construction work, the baptism of the ship took place on 12 July 2008 in the name of Santa Barbara, who then set off on her maiden voyage on the emerging Lake Zwenkau.

On the front, sun and aft decks, up to 100 people, depending on the table arrangements, can enjoy the unique outdoor experience of a 1.5-hour round trip across Lake Zwenkau (from Zwenkau harbour at KAP Zwenkau). The newly constructed main deck houses the bar, the fair and the bathrooms. The use of the ship is weather independent and therefore possible all year round. The layout of the main deck allows a variety of arrangements, especially for group events.

Dogs only allowed on upper deck


location Reederei Zwenkau GmbH
An der Mole 1
04442 Zwenkau
phone +49 (0)34203 435718
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Bus: HP Zwenkau, Hafen


Restaurant , Dogs allowed , Parking area , Bathroom
MS Santa Barbara
© Reederei Zwenkau GmbH Co. KG
MS Santa Barbara
© Reederei Zwenkau GmbH Co. KG


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