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Park railway at Lake Auensee

View of the royal blue park railway, which runs through the fully occupied park; Summer, family, excursions
© Robin Kunz

Since the 5 August 1951, the park railway has been run on a 1.9-kilometre stretch around Lake Auensee. There are a railway station and three other stops along this route at Gustav-Esche-Straße, Haus Auensee and Elsteraue. Let your eyes wander through the beautifully overgrown floodplain while you make your way around the track.

Every year from the beginning of April to the end of October, it operates on weekdays as well as on Sundays and public holidays and everything is carried out by children and young people in their free time. The station also offers bicycle and sports equipment rentals during opening hours and a small snack bar with outdoor seating is part of the station.


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Gustav-Esche-Straße 8
04159 Leipzig
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Wahren (Tram 10,11), Auensee (Bus 80)