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Petershof (Petersstraße)

Home to the former Capitol Cinema

View of the façade of the Petershof in the Petersstraße, which is an example of the architecture of Leipzig's courtyards and arcades, but today is particularly suitable for shopping, culture

The Petershof was once home to the tavern "Zum Engel". Johann Friedrich Böttger exhibited his porcelain here for the first time in Leipzig in 1710. In 1785, Friedrich Schiller lived in the Petershof. The new building complex was built in the years 1927 to 1929 according to a design by the architect Alfred Liebig, and received its name at the opening due to its location on Petersstraße.

The Capitol Cinema was located on both the basement and ground floors from 1929 to 2003, after which the building was completely rebuilt. The heritage-protected façade on Petersstraße and part of the atrium have been preserved. The façade design of the Petershof is absolutely unique and boasts seven larger-than-life sculptures. They depict portraits of the individuals involved in the construction.


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The Petershof entrance is an example of the courtyard and arcade architecture in Leipzig and is great for browsing and for shopping, culture
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