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Literarisches Museum e.V. (Owner of the Reclam Museum in Leipzig)

Since 24.10.2018 the Reclam-Museum in the Graphic Quarter of Leipzig has been inviting all lovers and readers of the traditional Reclam books to visit. Across approx. 50 square metres in the basement of Kreuzstraße 12, museum director Hans-Jochen Marquardt has put together a remarkable collection of the books. There are some rarities and some of the first publications from Reclam's Universal Library. Curiosities from the Reclam publishing house, special series and precious autographs by Thomas Mann and Herman Hesse are also on display. The museum director's private collection was partly acquired on travels through Prague, Budapest and Namibia. Marquardt's passion for collecting can be traced back to the fact that his father, Hans Marquardt, was the director of the Reclam publishing house in the GDR from 1961 to 1987. As a result, the permanent exhibition also reflects the publishing house's history and its division into two parts. 


Please note: The business address differs from the museum address! 

Business Address 

Literarisches Museum e.V.
Falterweg 8
06126 Halle (Saale)


location Reclam-Museum
Kreuzstraße 12
04103 Leipzig
phone +49 (0) 345- 582- 17 26
web visit homepage
mail send mail

opening hours

Tuesday and Thursday: 3.00 pm - 6.00 pm
(except on public holidays and between Christmas and the New Year)

Other times are also possible by arrangement.


Admission is free. Donations welcome.

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