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Taucha feudal manor with museum

Protection and shelter in times of distress

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© Förderverein Schloss Taucha e.V.

Historic events shaped the Taucha feudal manor. The manor was once used as a horse stable, among other things, and has been maintained and expanded by the Förderverein Schloss Taucha.

In 1542, the Taucha's lord, Wilhelm von Haugwitz the Younger, had a castle built on the castle hill. Often, the castle and manor provided protection and shelter in various wars and times of distress. Later, it was converted into a cow shed and pigsty, and then a horse stable. In 1996, the manor was finally taken over by the city of Taucha. The Förderverein Schloss Taucha was founded. The organisation is entrusted to secure the preservation and further expansion of the manor castle.

On the grounds of the manor estate there is also a manor museum. 


location Taucha feudal manor castle
Haugwitzwinkel 1
04425 Taucha
phone +49 (0)34298 68556
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Zug, S-Bahn: HP Taucha, Bahnhof; Tram, Bus: HP Taucha, An der Bürgerruhe


Parking area , Bathroom
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