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St. George's Church in Rötha

Twin tower system from the 12th century

St. George Town Church in Rötha
© V. Hartig

The twin towers in the west date from the 12th century and the connecting three-aisled Late Gothic hall church was built around 1500. The flat wooden ceiling was installed in 1896. An early Baroque altar, the pulpit dated to around 1600 and an octagonal baptismal font made of porphyry at the end of the 15th century define the interior of the choir. In the west gallery is the well-known Gottfried Silbermann organ dating from 1721.

Gottfried Silbermann (1683 - 1753) learnt organ building from his brother Andreas (1678 - 1734) in Strasbourg, before starting his own business in Freiberg in 1711. In December 1718, the church patron Baron von Friesen concluded a contract with Gottfried Silbermann and Zacharias Hildebrandt for the construction of a new organ. II / 23rd On the 8th November 1721 the instrument was tested by St. Thomas choirmaster Johann Kuhnau from Leipzig and court organist Gottfried Ernst Bestel from Altenburg. After his visit to Rötha in 1840, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy praised the two Silbermann organs. In 1796, the University organ builder, Stephani, added a switchable pedal coupler. The last major restoration took place between 1979 - 80 by the company Eule.

Text: Klaus Gernhardt


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Silbermann Organ at St. George's Church in Rötha © Sandra Brandt

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