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St. Moritz Church in Taucha

1768 completely destroyed - 1774 newly sanctified

St. Moritz Church in Taucha
© SV Taucha

The Taucha town church, which due to Taucha's former affiliation to the archdiocese of Magdeburg is named after Mauritius (German: Moritz), the patron saint of Magdeburg, has existed in its current form since 1774. The consecration of the church took place in this year after the predecessor (a stone church from the 12th/13th century) was completely destroyed in the big town fire of 1768
The baroque church, whose Saalbau (grand hall construction) was one of the 18th century's largest in West Saxony, is an important symbol of the Taucha townscape. The chimes, consisting of three steel bells, originate from the year 1926 and were are a replacement for the chimes removed in 1917, from which two of the three bells were melted down for the war. The Leipzig City Council donated an organ to the church in 1795. Throughout the centuries, the church was renovated multiple times, including the renewal of the roof and the installation of a new organ in 1996 thanks to many donations.
Two-keyboard Ismayr Organ


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