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Town Church in Naunhof

Place of organ music

Interior view of the Naunhof church with Ladegast organ, organ music
Church in Naunhof © Kletterwald Leipzig

Originally a late Gothic hall church, in 1716 a city fire destroyed the entire church - except for the choir room and the surrounding walls. Between 1719 - 24 the church was rebuilt in the Baroque style. At this time it received two surrounding galleries on three of its sides. In 1878 and 1930 interior renovations were carried out. In 1878, the altar was converted into a pulpit altar. Since the interior renovation work was completed in 1996, the church has again been painted in Baroque style. A tower-clock museum is situated in the former schoolhouse behind the church.

Friedrich Ladegast (1818 - 1905) learnt organ building with his brother Christlieb (1813 - 1896). After returning from his years of travel, he founded his own company in 1846 with the help of his brother in Weißenfels. In 1880 he signed the contract for a new organ in Naunhof. In 1882 the organ consecration took place.
As early as 1610, an organ has been present in Naunhof. Destroyed by a church fire in 1716, the church received a new organ in 1723. The organ, built by Ladegast, featuring mechanical action and slider chests, II / 22, had its sound modified in 1950. In 2011 the re-consecration took place, after a fundamental reconstruction and restoration by the organ construction workshop Wegscheider.

Texts: Klaus Gernhardt


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Ladegast organ in the Town Church in Naunhof
© D. Wadewitz

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