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Clara Wieck's birthplace

The corner house between Preußergäßchen and Neumarkt

Picture of the commemorative plaque at the birthplace of Leipzig composer Clara Wieck, who later married Robert Schumann. The building is situated on the Notenspur in Leipzig, the city of music
© W. Schneider

Friedrich Wieck, Clara Wieck's father, lived in the corner house where Clara was born in 1819, between Preußergäßchen (No. 48) and Neumarkt (No. 28), from 1818 onwards as a piano teacher, instrument dealer and owner of a music lending library until 1821. Until the destruction of the house "Hohe Lilie" at the end of the Second World War, there was a commemorative plaque above the apartment door to the first floor, commemorating the important pianist.

The property was not included when the Althoff Department Store (1912 - 1914) was reconstructed. Clara Wieck's other residences were in Salzgäßchen (No. 407) from 1821-1825, in Selliers Hof (Reichsstraße/corner Grimmaische Straße, see memorial plaque at today's Handelshof) from 1825-1835 and in Nikolaistraße (No. 555) from 1835-1840.

Clara Wieck married the composer Robert Schumann in 1840 and lived with him in Leipzig at Inselstraße 18 until 1844. Her former residence is now the "Schumann House", which you can visit on the Notenspur, Station 7. Clara Schumann died in Frankfurt am Main in 1896 as a custodian of her husband's inheritance, an educator, a teacher and a composer.


location Birthplace of Clara Wieck
Preußergäßchen, Ecke Neumarkt
04109 Leipzig
Birthplace of the famous Leipzig composer, Clara Schumann, née Wieck, who later married Robert Schumann and also performed as piano virtuoso in the Gewandhaus in Leipzig, culture, Music City Leipzig.
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