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Sternburg Brauerei

Picture of the red Sternburg Brewery entrance sign at the gate in Mühlstraße and red beer crates in the background
© Philipp Kirschner

Sternburg Brewery is in the heart of Leipzig and is also known as "Sterniversum". This is where the popular Sternburg beer is produced. It is a beer with a cult following and a long tradition. Guided tours through the brewery give you the chance to experience the brewing process first hand.


location Mühlstraße 13
04317 Leipzig
phone +49 341 22 223 0
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Witzgallstraße ⋅ TRAM 12,16;Riebeck-/Oststraße ⋅ TRAM 4

Photo of stacked pallets of red Sternburg Brewery crates outside the plant
© Philipp Kirschner
View of the entrance to Sternburg Brewery; exterior, storage container, entrance sign
© Philipp Kirschner