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Tante Manfred

View into the comfortable and warm interior of Tante Manfred; view of the bar, sitting area and window
© Philipp Kirschner

At Tante Manfred there is a diverse theatre scene and rustic pub culture. The cellar concert venue is located in the Neue Schauspiel in Leipzig. Perfect for rounding off the evening after an exciting play.


location Lützner Straße 29
04177 Leipzig
phone +49 341 92799770
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Lindenauer Markt ⋅ TRAM 7, 8, 15

Picture of the Tate Manfred sign; and in the background a glimpse into the venue
© Philipp Kirschner
Photo of a guest at Tante Manfred's counter
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of the menu board at Tante Manfred; Menu, bar
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of Tante Manfred's large, very stylish and cosy interior
© Philipp Kirschner
Picture of the inside of Tante Manfred; with a guest sitting in an armchair reading
© Philipp Kirschner