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The Zschopau valley pearl

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Waldheim and its surroundings are heavily influenced by the course of the Zschopau river. Steep slopes and deep valleys allow a diversity of flora and fauna to flourish. Discover the astounding environment via a wealth of cycling and hiking trails along the Zschopau river.

The city centre is constantly surprising visitors with its many beautiful Art Nouveau buildings and the imposing new Town Hall built in 1902. The four-sided Town Hall tower, featuring the second largest dials in Germany, is especially noteworthy. The viewing platform at a height of 37.5 meters lets you enjoy a stunning view over the city and the Zschopau valley in fine weather. The Town Hall, with its two large murals and an impressive ceiling painting, should not be missed. The former castle and its church are also worth seeing. First mentioned in 1271, the original castle was rebuilt throughout the centuries. From 1404 it served as an Augustinian monastery, and after being converted in 1588, it was used as a hunting lodge. From 1716 onwards, the castle walls housed a combination prison, poorhouse and orphanage. This was converted into a pure penal institution in 1830, and is still used as such today.

The history of the evangelical church of St. Nicolai can be traced back to 1336. The old church stood on the market place until 1832; today, all that is left there is a star in the pavement. In 1684 the church fell victim to a city fire, but was rebuilt. In the great city fire in 1832 the church burned down again, and while it was rebuilt, it now stands on the Kellerberg. Inside the church are three galleries. The interior design is dominated by the colours light blue, white and gold. The organ was built by Borna organ master Urban Kreuzbach.

But there are more exciting discoveries in Waldheim than can be seen above-ground. Dive into Waldheim's underground mysteries in a tour of the Kellerberg.


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